Wednesday, June 15, 2011

Caffeinated and Waiting

I'm not even going to pretend anymore that I'm going to blog regularly. They're all empty promises, and I'm not going to be that way to you guys (if there's even anyone still reading reading out there in the blogosphere). Right now I've just finished a latte that I got from the local coffe roasters a block from my house, and I'm waiting for my car's oil to get changed. When I get back to my computer I'll link to a particular post by Hyperbole and a Half that keeps running through my head today, but for the moment I just have to tell you its awesome because I'm on my phone and trying to link that right now might make my head explode. Did I mention I've had coffee? Maybe that's the secret to blogging...I should just have a double shot espresso before I plan to write. Apparently it makes me very chatty. Anywho, I'm hoping my car will be done soon so I'mma wrap this up. I *will* post again with said promised link and maybe even a more substantial update. Stay tuned!

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