Sunday, July 20, 2008

False Alarm

So upon going back to the first apartment the next day, I asked to see the actual apartment I would be moving into and it wasn't anything like the model. I was actually really disappointed, and I panicked. I then went around to about 7 more apartment complexes, and really, actually did find one this time. It's just a little way down the road from the other one, but the neighborhood is so much nicer. I can also get it on the first floor instead of the second, which is what I wanted to begin with. It's still a one bedroom, which is still not quite what I was hoping for, but with all of the places I've looked at I've realized the ones I want to live in I can't afford right now. However, I feel much better about settling for this place than the other one, and it's a little bit bigger even. I went back to the second apartment today - in Turtle Creek, cute huh? - and I asked again to see the actual apartment for rent, and..... it looked exactly like the model I saw. Imagine my relief! So HERE are the pictures of my real new apartment! :)

Living room. It has these two cute cubbies in it, I love them.

Here's a better view of the living room, sans cubbies.

A view of the dining room from the entryway, looking through the kitchen.

The kitchen looking in from the living room.

Behind the kitchen counter

My laundry. A full-size washer and dryer too, woot!

The bathroom. That other open door opens into the nook (picture down farther), the door I stood in while taking this was the door from the bedroom.

The shower. That I LOVE.

The bathroom vanity

The bedroom. My camera died before I got any other pics of the bedroom, but it's actually really big, that bed in there is a king. And the closet is a decent sized walk-in.

The nook connecting the bedroom, bathroom, and laundry to the rest of the house. The doorway you see open is to the bathroom, to the left is the bedroom, and the laundry is to the right.

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Sonrisa said...

Man, that happened to me when we moved from Brighton, MI to Ann Arbor, MI and they'd even made us put down money to reserve our apartment. I looked at the actual unit a week before we were supposed to move and it was.. foul. Broken caulk in the bathrooms, gauged countertops in the kitchen.. I asked if they were going to fix all that and they refused so.. that was that. Glad you found a nice place, though. :)