Tuesday, October 4, 2011

A little intro

So....yeah.  Here we are again.  Not posting on your blog in a while is like having a ridiculously long silence with a person you've just met.  It's all awkward and you don't really know what to say.
"So, nice weather we're having..."
*looks at cloudy sky"
"Yeah, great...."

Things are going really well, better than they have in a long time actually.  I'm loving my job, I'm starting to get myself in a more stable place financially, and I'm staying busy.  Everything is still going in baby steps, but I'm at least *making* baby steps, and quite honestly, that feels awesome.
I'm having the most struggle with my finances...still...because whenever I get money, I immediately find things to spend it on, oops!  Seriously, it's a problem.  I think that if I kept up with my checkbook instead of putting in all my receipts from 3 weeks at a time it would probably help.  Somehow I've worked it into my head that if I don't subtract the money it just won't go away.  Makes sense right?  Unfortunately, the bank doesn't really agree with my logic there.  BUT, I am managing to pay all my bills completely and on time, and that's a big improvement, so YAY.  I will take the little wins where I can get them.
My goal this month is to post 2 to 3 times a week....I think I should have enough stories I can make that happen.  And my stories, I mean random bits of thoughts that go through my head every day.  I'm trying to wrangle them all up to make something cohesive, but it takes some time.  My mind is quite random lol.
This month is also when 2 of my charity events happen, so that will be exciting!  I'll let you all know how those go.  :)

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AndreaIwantJ# said...

Me parece muy bien tu meta(: , a mi me paso lo mismo y en fin acabé borrando mi blog :S, bueno ahora me e dado una oportunidad y eso, a ver como sale, te sigo(:
Por cierto pasate por mi blog lo creé recientemente ayer asi qe no hay mucho jeje
, Un besazo y suerte!