Monday, August 9, 2010

Winding down

I know.  I suck.  Blah blah posting for a month at a time...blah....I'm sorry.

Let's move on, shall we?  K.

So, as summer draws to a close I'm in the same situation I continuously find myself in: Searching for a home and a job.  You'd think I'd really be good at this by now wouldn't you?  Actually, I have the job thing lined up, which is really super awesome because the renters like to know that you'll have a continuous way of paying them each month.  Now we're just waiting on the "yes" from the apartment.  Would really be great to hear from them by tomorrow, plzkthx.

Also, I would like to say that for not planning on staying at my summer job for the whole season, I've done a pretty good job of throwing that plan out the window.  Since I'm still here and all.  There's actually only two weeks left....which seems so crazy to me.  Aren't we still in the middle of summer?  Didn't we just open the last show a month ago?  What do you mean it's almost over?  I do not like this time-flying-by thing.  Not one bit.

But, I guess I should probably make the most of it.  So on that note, I think the lake is calling me.  See you soon!

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LIZZIE said...

Looking for a job and a place to live . . . welcome to the world of theatre huh? Something will pop up, I'm sure. You are a good employee and the theatre world is small. People will know.