Tuesday, March 23, 2010

I'm a Guest!

Hey folks!  Not too long a post today, but I wanted to let you all know that I'm guest posting over at Travis' blog, I Like to Fish, today!  So you should stop by and check it out!  I didn't realize it's been almost a week since I posted... I'm really sorry about that.  I've got loads to write about too.  I better get on it!  I'll try to be more regular in my posting here soon.  (Do they make a blog laxative?)  But for now, pop on over and say hi to TravyG and check out my post!

Happy Hump Day!


Joshua said...

Just popped over from Travis. Funny post, that one.

And now, given that my background is theatre, I'm curious where this summer theatre is that you have been frequenting. I guess I have some reading to do to figure that out. Might take me a minute to find it.

Danielle said...

I found you from Travis's blog and I'm absolutely a new follower. I can totally relate to everything you wrote, from the interest in wearing a bikini to the knowledge that the rest of the world might not appreciate it too.

I had such a "hill" where I lived in Grad School and the worst was all my classes and internships were at the top of the hill and my apt was at the bottom, and I was living 'too close' to get a parking pass (torture). The worst was that when I did get to the top I was soaked in sweat and wheezing and still had to be in professional attire to see patients!

PS I also do the shred and every time when she says 'you cant phone it is'.. I think HECK yes i can!Ring ring....I'll be here on the floor trying to breathe. Why are jumping jacks so exhausting!

Hillbilly Duhn said...

What a surprise to see you over at Travs place!! :)

Loved your post btw!

Annie @ astonesthrowfrominsanity said...

Read your post at Trav's. Feel your pain girl! I am impressed with your effort. Even trying jillian's workout is awesome, being that she is a bad ass bee-yotch! Great post.:)