Wednesday, February 10, 2010

Writer's Workshop

Alrighty.  Like I sometimes do, I am participating in this weeks Writer's Workshop brought to you by the lovely Mama Kat.  The name of the game is you choose from a list of prompts (either one, a couple, or heck, all of 'em if you're feeling ambitious) and write about it.  The prompt I chose this week is:

A List of Dos and Don'ts

- make dumb jokes even if you think they aren't funny.  Chances are you'll brighten someone's day.  :)
- dance to the song on the radio.  Especially if you're at work.  (Provided you won't get reprimanded...but who would yell at you for dancing?)
- make snow angels whenever you get the chance.
- exercise.  You'll feel better.  (That's more to myself than anyone, lol)
- send your friends cards randomly.  Everyone loves snail mail that isn't a bill!
- dress up.  Just because.
- stick up for your guilty pleasures.  (Ha, I should list those.  But I'd like to keep you all as my friends...sooo)
- eat tomatoes with mayo on toast.  Weird.  But so good.
- find yourself a pair of footie pajamas.  You'll feel so awesome.  Mine are Cat in the Hat.  :)
- have a place you go no one knows about but you.
- put your music on shuffle and see what happens.
- write a story for the sake of writing.
- go visit the friends on my blogroll!  They're all amazing!

- wear so much perfume you choke those around you.  It's one thing to smell nice, it's another to asphyxiate the people you come in contact with.
- complain that necessities are so expensive, and then go to the casino/bar/arcade/what have you and spend your paycheck.  That is a big shot to your credibility.
- think that just because there is snow on the ground it is an open invitation to park where/however you feel like.  You are still sharing space with other people, be courteous.
- think that your small contributions to the world aren't effective.  Every little bit is important.
- sneeze with a face mask on.  Trust me.
- get in a shopping cart and think someone isn't going to take off pushing you on a ride of terror.
- decide that buying a bunch of new clothes and putting it on the credit card is a good idea.  Eventually that card is going to want money, and that is a very, very sad day when the bad idea realization kicks in.
- be afraid to be spontaneous!
- make fun of people that can run faster than you.
- forget the little things.

This is probably the most random, spazmatic post I've written, lol.  But anyway, those are my lists!  (Or the start to them anyway.  Oh, and by the way, spell check tried to correct spazmatic to, no, not what I wanted at all.  Thanks but no thanks.)

Have a great day guys!


Ed Adams said...

Quit acting like you didn't really mean sperm.

Anything Fits a Naked Man said...

Wow! What an AWESOME post! Words to live by, absolutely! Thanks!

I'm so glad I found your blog, it's beautiful and smart! I'm your newest (60th!!) follower!!

gaelikaa said...

Hey, I did that very list too. I came up with a different set, and I think we all did. I loved your "dress up just because" point. Great! And I think I'll try tomatoes with mayo on toast too. Just because!