Tuesday, May 5, 2009

Got Questions?

So as I sit here enjoying my last day of late sleeping and watching tv in my pajamas while browsing the internet on my laptop, I have just seen a Sherwin-Williams commercial. This is not extraordinary, I've seen many many more of them over the last month and some, but for some reason today it just struck me funny. This commercial says, "Got questions? There's nothing you can't ask Sherwin-Williams." I know they mean questions about home decorating, specifically types of paint and painting techniques. This is probably the only thing in my life I DON'T need help with! (I do have a degree that tells me I'm a scenic artist after all. ;) ) However, Sherwin-Williams, I do have some questions.

Why are we still having snow in May?

How come people can't realize that we're all different and just get along?

Why is it that the longer I sleep the more tired I seem to be?

How can I win the lottery?

Who do you think is the most influential person of our generation? Of all time? Why?

Do you think I would be successful with a small business?

Why is "being green" a sudden new, trendy thing when we should have been doing it all along?

Why is it that in order to use the dictionary to see how to spell a word you have to know how to spell it to look it up?

Why is there Braile under drive-up ATMs?

How can we as a nation be broke when we print our own money? (PS - this has NEVER made sense to me. If I stop and think about the monetary system it just boggles my mind.)

What is the answer to life, the universe, and everything? (Any Douglas Adams fans out there?)

What is the square root of one million, four hundred thousand, five hundred and seventy-two?

Ok, that last one was really just to throw you off. But there you go Sherwin-Williams. Some questions from me to you. :)

Wouldn't it be hilarious if someone DID go into a Sherwin-Williams and just start asking them random questions? I kinda want to just because. But I won't. Because that's mean, and I know, having worked in retail, that it really is just kind of annoying. But there you are. My completely random thought for the day, lol. :D


The Blonde Duck said...

I think we should all go ask questions. Tonight.

Anonymous said...

Why does Sherwin Williams pretend to be an international company?
Why do they try to conspire to have people resign to avoid paying retrenchment benefits?
Why do they fail to act on inquiries which loses them sales and decreases shareholder value?
So many questions about ethics I have for Sherwin Williams but know they will never be brave to respond.

Saucy Scribe Debora said...

If they tell you how to win the lottery, please share!

Visiting from SITs - have a great day! :)

Anonymous said...

How can Sherwin Williams turn out professional painters after attending a couple of weeks training? It took a 4 years apprenticeship to obtain my trade! This company is a joke.

kel said...

I never thought about the braile thing.... weird.

Alexis AKA MOM said...

Ok you had me giggling over my button and now I come over here and I'm giggling over this. You're the best girlie!

Hey did you ever get my email about American Idol?