Tuesday, February 19, 2008

Kiss My Face

I'm sure you all have been *dying* to find out if we finished the set or not. Well, I'm sorry to say that we did need the work call on Monday, but the major things are finished now, and we're just working on minor details. I have some molding to put up in the morning and some cabinet handles to attach, but I think we're getting down there. I need to get the locks put on the door too, since they're starting techs tomorrow and that would probably be helpful.

As my list gets smaller it makes me really happy about what we've managed to accomplish in so short a time. There has been nothing but positive feedback from everyone who has seen it. In fact, today during the middle of our Intro to Direction class (which we have in the Masquer), Greg stopped mid-sentence and says, "Oh wow. That's looking good. I want that kitchen!" Most amusing and very appreciated.

That's really the only exciting thing that's going on right now. We start techs tomorrow and hopefully they'll be pretty painless. None of the set actually moves, so my end of the deal should be pretty uneventful. I'll probably go to the final few dress rehearsals unless someone requests otherwise.

Oh for the show to be done. Soon my pretties. Very soon.

(As a side note: The title for this post came from a bar of soap I found in the drawer of the kitchen cabinet on set today. I found it rather amusing.)

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